Experience great service.

Steve Punch, President and CEO, Pacific Service Credit Union

Steve Punch, President and CEO, Pacific Service Credit Union

We’re not the only company who says we have great service. But people won’t believe it just because we say it. Great service is something you have to experience.


As part of our commitment to superior member service, we conduct monthly member satisfaction surveys. In fact, you may have received a questionnaire asking you to rate a recent transaction experience. We closely monitor these surveys and I read each comment personally. I am very proud to report that our fourth quarter member service surveys earned the highest composite rating in five years. On a 4-point scale, we earned a 3.95 rating.


This rating demonstrates that even in our current economic climate, we remain member driven and service focused. Great is great, but better is better; we think we can improve and continue to make your service experience with Pacific Service CU even better.


We have a great team and I thank them for their hard work and dedication. They all care deeply about exceeding your expectations and earning your business.


We also enjoy a supportive membership. We know that 7 out of 10 new members joined Pacific Service CU through a referral obtained from a happy member. Our marketing materials feature actual member photos and testimonials that tell our story from a member perspective. I’m thrilled that our members go out of their way to provide endorsements of our products and services.


Tell your family and friends about Pacific Service CU – we’re local, safe and secure. Thank you for your ongoing support and business!

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