Saving is the new black.

Kristin D., Vice President, Marketing

Kristin D., Vice President, Marketing

In fashion, every year designers come up with gimmicks to sell merchandise.  Writers refer to these basics as “the new black.”  With the recession touching everyone in some way, consumers have really returned to their financial roots.  Saving money is finally back.


If you’ve forgotten how to save, here’s the trick:  Set a goal and stick to it.


Here’s how I’m making it work.  There are approximately 35 weeks until holiday gifts need to be purchased.  No pressure.  :)  There is still time to put aside money weekly to avoid overspending and running up your credit cards.


Step 1:  Decide how much money you want to devote toward your holiday spending.  Setting a budget will help you stick to it.  For this example, I want to limit my holiday spending to $750.


Step 2:  Open a secondary savings account by logging into BranchLine at left.  To reach my $750 goal, I need to contribute $21.50 weekly.  Using BranchLine, I scheduled weekly automatic transfers to the account.  Set it and forget it.


Step 3:  Using BranchLine, I set up a cute nickname to motivate me, “Santa’s Savings.”  Go to “Personal Profile,” then “Edit Accounts” to change your account names.


Step 4:  Stick to my budget.  Before shopping, I make a list of people that I’m buying for and a budget amount for that person.  One tip that works for me is to start my shopping early to look for great deals and maximize my money.  I keep my eyes open for gift ideas starting in September.


It’s easy to get started.  Our friendly member service representatives are ready to help.  Simply call (888) 858-6878, ext. 6231.  Happy saving!

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