Shoestring Vacations

Kristin D., Vice President, Marketing

It’s my favorite time of year.  Summer vacation is on the way and I can almost smell the sunblock.  If you’re ready for a break without breaking the bank, now may be a good time to explore low-cost vacation options.


Instead of hopping on a jet, here are a couple ideas for going local and exploring the tourist spots in your neck of the woods.


A Day Trip

The day trip, more recently dubbed the “staycation,” makes for a great getaway.  Short getaways are affordable, fun and family friendly. Better yet, local attractions often offer a resident’s discount.


If you’re one of those bay area locals who has never been to a local tourist spot like Alcatraz – this is the time.  But don’t stop there – get creative!  Nearby aquariums, beaches, parks, farms, museums, the zoo or trails are inexpensive excursions.  Or, try a new mode of transportation, hop on a ferry boat, cable car or BART for a day of fun.


Walking is an ideal way to get you and the kids moving, but if you have young children, bring a stroller. They’ll have a place to rest when they start to slow down and you’ll have a great place to stash your things.


It’s easy to get started online.  Start with an Internet search with your city of choice, and “visitor’s guide.”  You’ll find a list of attractions out-of-town visitors like about your area.


Grab a few supplies like water, sunblock, a camera, and a sack lunch and you’re out the door.  It’s simple.


A Road Trip.

Airfare, transportation and hotel costs can be huge vacation expenses.  Instead, take to the road for a day trip or weekend getaway.


Family trips are hands-on learning experiences.  Get the kids involved by using a map, plotting your route and uncovering points of interest along the way.  Using an old pencil compass like the kind you used in school is a great way to start.  Simply put the pointer on your home city and the pencil on the farthest spot you’d like to drive in a day. Make a circle with the pencil and find new vacation spots inside your circle.


When you load the family in the car, they’ll be excited for their adventure and you’ll appreciate how much you saved in travel expenses.


Before hitting the road, though, research weather and map your drive.


Have fun and travel safely!

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