Steve Punch, President & CEO

Credit Unions are non-profit, cooperative financial institutions. Instead of shareholders and a highly compensated board of directors, we have members and a volunteer, member-elected board of directors. Each of our members owns a share of the Credit Union. When we make profits, we return them to our members in the form of lower loan rates and higher savings rates.


Simply put, the better Pacific Service CU performs, the better we can benefit all of our members.


We know that happy members are critical to the success of Pacific Service CU. A satisfied member trusts us enough to tell their family and friends about us. Seven out of 10 of our new members come to us by word of mouth.


We rely on our loyal members, like you, for referrals. In the past few years, we’ve introduced ATM fee reimbursement, we’ve lowered our Visa and auto loan rates and we’ve introduced 6,000 new shared branches. We’re working hard to earn your business.


So, if you’re a happy member… tell a friend.




Thank you for your business!