Morgan, Vacaville Member

This is the real story of Pacific Service CU Vacaville member Morgan.


“I enjoy being greeted on a first name basis. Pacific Service Credit Union actually takes interest in what works for me and my account.


These are my favorite parts:


The service. I actually enjoy coming in.


The free Coinstar machine. I’m a waitress and constantly have jars full of change. I love not being charged a fee to cash in my coins.


ATM fee reimbursement. I am reimbursed when I use an ATM that charges a fee – I can save or spend that money!


Automatic payments. I’m extremely busy with work and traveling and it’s nice not having to worry about mailing in a payment. I simply schedule automatic withdrawals for my bills.


Firsts. Pacific Service Credit Union gave me my first account, my first credit card and my first debit card too – my Credit Union helped me all along the way! I feel like I have actually grown up here.


Thanks Pacific Service!”