Top Nine Reasons to have a Pacific Service CU Relationship Checking account

Kristin D., Vice President, Marketing

Yes, I realize this blog post is blatantly self serving, but my friends just can’t believe our Relationship Checking account is really THAT good.  It is.  Here’s why:


1. We reimburse ATM fees.  Yes, really!  You use any ATM.  If it charges $3, for example, we’ll put $3 back into your checking account, usually on the same day.  We reimburse up to $3 per transaction and $15 per month.  You also get unlimited free access to more than 28,000 CO-OP ATMs.  That’s more ATMs than Bank of America or Wells Fargo.


2. Free logo checks for life.  That means you don’t pay for checks.  Ever.


3. Free online banking  with free bill pay.  Login to BranchLine anytime, anywhere.  Paying bills online could save you $50 a year in postage alone – not to mention the speed and convenience.


4. Free eStatements.  They’re safe, secure and they’re available several days before the mailed statements.

5. Free Visa check card.  Unlike some banks, there’s no minimum usage requirement to get our best deal.


6. Free Overdraft Protection.  Select a savings account, a money market account – even our Visa Platinum card and we’ll automatically transfer funds to cover your transactions if there isn’t enough money in your account.  Better yet, the transfer is free.


7. Free in-branch services.  You receive free notary, free signature guarantee and three free cashier’s check per month.


8. No annual fee on our Visa Platinum Rewards card.  As a valued member, we’ll waive the annual fee so you can earn points to redeem on travel and merchandise.


9. Auto Loan discount.  You receive 0.25% APR discount on any future auto loans.


I know, right?  These are some amazing benefits.  Visit our checking page for complete details on all of our checking accounts.  Or, open a checking account right now by clicking on Open an Account at left.  It’s simple.

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