Using online channels to prevent fraud

by Michelle, Assistant Vice President, Operations

Several recent news stories have portrayed online services as a risky proposition for consumers.  Contrary to what you may think, using eServices can actually keep your identity safe.  Electronic delivery channels are usually free, easy to use and can be a crucial component in data protection and fraud prevention.


Here’s how you can use eServices to stay aware of risks and help prevent being exposed to fraud:


Online Banking

We know your time is valuable, that’s why we offer anytime access to your accounts with BranchLine.  Using online banking, you can securely access your accounts and view your up-to-the-minute balances.  That means you are always in a position to know about activity on your account.



Receiving your statements electronically is a great way to “go green” by eliminating the paper waste, but it’s also a great way to protect your account information.  Since there’s no paper, you can avoid mail tampering and the exposure of your paper records in your home or garbage – you don’t even have to shred!


Plus, you’ll receive your statements sooner.  Your email notification is sent as soon as statements are available.


Bill Pay

Paying bills electronically protects your personal information in several ways.  First, you don’t have to give other vendors your bank account numbers to debit your account.


Additionally, most bills are paid electronically, meaning a paper bill and check are never issued and sent through the mail – minimizing the risk of theft or loss. Bill pay also gives you more control.  You decide when your account is debited and you can even set up bills for automatic payment.


Plus, you’ll love the convenience!  I’ll never go back to hassling with stamps or envelopes.  And the best part is, at Pacific Service CU, bill pay is free.


Account Alerts

Account alerts tell you about activity on your account.  You can elect to receive email notifications for most account activity, for example, when a check clears, when your check card is used, or when your direct deposit is credited.  It’s easy to set up alerts.  Using BranchLine online banking, click on “Manage Profile,” then “Manage Alerts.”


Simply stated, you’ll always know what’s happening on your account – when it’s happening.


Direct Deposit

Finally, ask your employer about direct deposit or payroll deduction.  It’s a safe and secure way to make sure your paycheck is immediately available, giving you access to your money on payday.  There’s no wait for a paper check and no risk of loss or theft.  You can even set up multiple deposits to a savings account, your child’s account, or your loan.


I encourage you to try eServices to save time and money and be safe while you bank.


It’s easy to get started.  Login to BranchLine or call one of our friendly member service representatives – we’re happy to help.

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