Utility Bill Scam Alert


Jenna Lampson, Vice President, Operations

We believe the best way to help you protect your identity is to keep you informed.  So, here’s one of the latest scams and how to avoid it.


The Better Business Bureau has recently issued an alert regarding a new scam offering federal breaks on utility bills. Fraudsters have contacted consumers through a variety of channels, including phone, social media, text messages and word of mouth offering utility credits from President Obama.  The fraudulent offer claims the federal government will pay utility bills or apply credits to utility bills for eligible applicants.


Scammers request your social security number, your bank routing number and your account number in exchange for a routing number to use when you pay your bills.  Your utility company may initially accept the fraudulent payment; however, within a few days the routing number is shown to be fake.


The utility bills are not actually paid and personal and financial information, including social security numbers, have been compromised.


Never provide account numbers, social security numbers or any personal information to strangers or those claiming to save you money on your utilities and other recurring expenses.

As always, if you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud, or your account has been compromised, immediately call a member service representative at (888) 858-6878. We can cancel compromised cards, change your account number or add a password to your account for future transactions if it becomes necessary.

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