eStatements are a win-win for everyone.  Here are some reasons that savvy members choose “e.”


Reduce Waste
Receiving statements electronically is a great way to “go green” by eliminating the paper waste.


You’ll receive your statement several days sooner.  No more waiting for the mail, your email notification is sent as soon as statements are available.


Using eStatements can protect your account information.  Since there’s no paper, you can prevent mail tampering and the risks of maintaining paper records in your home.


You don’t have to file away your paper statement just in case you may one day need it and then search your house when you do.  We’ll store them for you clutter-free.  Whenever you need to reference your financial history, simply login to BranchLine.


eStatements are a cost savings for the Credit Union.  As a cooperatively-owned financial institution, when we save money, we put that money back into the organization for our members’ benefit.  We provide lower fees, lower loan rates and higher savings rates.  We also invest in ways to better serve our members, like home banking improvements, the shared branch network and mobile banking.

It’s easy to cancel your paper statements.  Simply login to BranchLine, click eStatements and change your preference to “Cancel Paper.”


by Kristin, Vice President, Marketing