It’s the time of year for pink balloons, red roses, French restaurants and chocolates.  Sounds expensive, right?  Think again.  Here are a few tips to keep Valentine’s Day in your price range.


Set a budget.
It’s a good start to put a price on it.  Limit your spending to $20 – or even less.  Get creative!  Frame a picture, hand make a card or bake a cake.


Eat in.
How about Costco surf and turf?  Dim the lights, light a candle and put the kids to bed.  Plus, you won’t need to pay an expensive babysitter.  You can have a nice dinner at home without denting the pocketbook.


Smell the roses.
How about flowers from your garden or a friend’s?  The sentiment is there and the smell is still in the air.


Make a homemade dessert.  Even a boxed cake can be romantic with a heart-shaped stencil on top.  Your sweetheart will appreciate the thought and you’ll appreciate the $3 price tag.


Be thoughtful.
Only you know your Valentine, that’s why thoughtful gifts always reign supreme.  She may prefer her favorite childhood candy or a trip to the ice cream parlor to a giant box of fancy chocolates.  He may prefer a bag of Cheetos and a six-pack of premium beer.  Let each other know that you remember!  Add a bow and a note and you’ll score major points.


The Valentine’s Day Fund.
Start a savings account with some seed money and schedule regular contributions to celebrate your love in another way.  You may save enough for a weekend getaway or a dinner at your favorite spot.


Remember that the holiday isn’t about spending money – it’s about being with the people you love.  You can still be the romantic at heart and the mastermind of your budget.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


by Kristin, Vice President, Marketing