How do I establish direct deposit?

Your employer or the government agency that issues your payroll checks is responsible for establishing direct deposit on your behalf. Typically, you’ll complete a form providing relevant information from your financial institution and they’ll do the rest.


To initiate Direct Deposit to your Checking Account, you’ll need two things:

Routing/ABA number

The MICR number from one of your checks


To initiate Direct Deposit to your Savings Account, you’ll need three things:

Routing/ABA number

Your member account number

The suffix of the deposit account



1. Routing/ABA Number

The Routing/ABA number is comprised of the first number series at the bottom of your personal check, as indicated above. Our Routing/ABA number is 121181743.


2. Account Number

Your account number is the 5-7 digit number that you use to identify your account when you call a member service representative or login to BranchLine.


3. MICR Number

Your checking account MICR number (pronounced “micker”) is a cross-reference number that identifies your checking account to processors. The MICR is used for enhanced security so that your account number is not printed on your checks. The MICR is the second set of numbers following the four leading zeros. In the example above, the MICR is 0000076. You can omit the leading zeros when using this number.


4. Suffix

The suffix is a two-digit number following your account number. It is unique to each account type you have with us. You can find the suffix in BranchLine, on your statement, or by calling us.


If you don’t have personal checks, or you need additional help determining your direct deposit information, call a member service representative at (888) 858-6878. We answer the phone within 30 seconds and we’re always happy to help.

by Anne, Phone Center Manager

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