Coins for Cash!


Collecting your coins can add up to big money! You may be surprised that your spare change could make for a nice bonus around the holidays.


If you’re like me, you have coin stashes in piggybanks, bags and containers around your house. Collect the coins yourself or make it a fun project for the kids.


Next stop, Pacific Service CU. Bring your coin collection into one of our five Coinstar coin counting machine locations. Simply pour your change into the Coinstar tray and watch your total add up. Our friendly member service representatives can give you cash or deposit the amount into your account. Or, let the kids use some of the money on holiday gifts for family or friends! It’s easy and free for members.


Stop by our San Francisco, San Ramon, Pleasant Hill, Livermore or Fresno branch to try Coinstar.


Good luck with your coin counting and happy holidays!


by Kristin, Vice President, Marketing

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