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Feb 11


The IRS has issued a warning to consumers about fraudulent charity scams.  Fraudulent scams capitalize on the goodwill of the public with the intent to steal money or identities.


The IRS warns that scams of this nature are most rampant following major disasters, like recent devastating tornados or typhoons.  Disasters are the most popular times for this type of fraud because of the surge of good will surrounding a catastrophic event, and suspicious circumstances are more likely to be overlooked because of the immediacy of need.


The scammers pose as a legitimate charity using several different methods.  They may claim to be an employee or volunteer of a legitimate charity.  They may use company names that sound similar to real charities.  They may use email that link respondents to fraudulent websites.  Or, they may use phone calls or emails to solicit donations requiring personal or financial information in attempt to commit identity theft.


You can protect yourself in several ways:


Verify that the charity is legitimate. 
The IRS and FEMA both offer online tools to search for qualified tax-deductible organizations.

Don’t share your personal financial information.
Never share your Social Security Number, credit card numbers, your credit union account number or your passwords with anyone.  Often these donation attempts are a way to access much more than your intended donation amount.

Don’t send cash.
Cash isn’t a traceable way to record donations for tax purposes, but it’s also not very secure.  Use a check or other payment method to properly document your transaction.


If you think you may be a victim of charity-related fraud, report the incident to the IRS using the Reporting Phishing link.


If you suspect that your account has been compromised, immediately call a member service representative at (888) 858-6878. After hours, for debit or credit card fraud, please call (800) 543-5073 to block your card.


We can cancel compromised cards, change your account number or add a password to your account for future transactions if it becomes necessary.


by Michelle, AVP, Operations

Feb 5


by Kristin Peterson, Business Development

by Kristin P., Business Development

At Pacific Service Credit Union we pride ourselves on being an active part of our community.  We are committed to actively supporting the communities we serve through financial contributions and volunteer services. Here’s a wrap up of our 2013 contributions.


Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano – Holiday Food Drive and Admiral’s Garden Event sponsorship
Our funding helps the Food Bank supply food to needy families.  Our 2013 donation provides to 70,302 meals.


Kids Day 2013
Once again, we are a proud sponsor of Kids Day 2013 benefitting The Children’s Hospital of Central California, which provides medical treatment to over 100,000 children.


YMCA of San Francisco
We are supporting the Presidio Community YMCA’s afterschool learning program.  The program provides free, high -quality afterschool services to youth in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond neighborhood.


Diabetic Youth Foundation
Our donations support the DYF with their mission to improve the quality of life for children, teens and families affected by diabetes.


San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Foundation
This year’s funding will provide back-to-school supplies for 300 low-income, at-risk children.


Credit Unions for Kids
Credit Unions for Kids is a non-profit collaboration of credit unions across the country benefitting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Funding supports treatment of children, regardless of their ability to pay.


Children’s Miracle Day Fundraiser
We were one of many credit unions supporting the Credit Union SacTown Ten-Mile Race benefitting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.


Fresno Police and Neighborhood Watch program
Our funding supports community block parties and education for children.  Children participate in crime prevention activities that reinforce positive living and improve relations with law enforcement officers.


Fresno Police Activities League (PAL) programs
Our involvement supports programs for low-income, at-risk residents of the community, including bicycle repair, bicycle giveaways and a mentoring pen pal program.


American Red Cross Save-a-Life Days
For the 11th year, our funding sponsors a series of regional training events that deliver lifesaving skills to vulnerable populations in underserved communities at no cost.


Youth Homes
Our sponsorship helps Youth Homes provide shelter and services to seriously traumatized and abused foster youth in Contra Costa County and throughout the Bay Area.


Loaves and Fishes
Our funding helps Loaves and Fishes dining rooms provide hot meals to individuals and families in need.


George Mark Children’s House
Our donation helps to expand the meal program to meet the needs of a growing patient population.


Huckleberry Youth Programs
Our donation helps the Huckleberry Youth Programs serve at-risk, runaway and homeless youth in the Bay Area.


Poverello House
Since 2010, we have assisted the Poverello House serve the hungry and homeless of Fresno.  Services provided by the Poverello House include emergency shelter, food, transportation, recreation, and social services.


Elder Financial Protection Network
Since 2003, we have supported EFPN to prevent the financial exploitation of California’s elderly and dependent adult population.


The Salvation Army
Our long-time support helps The Salvation Army provide food and toys for needy families during the holiday season.


Bay Area Rescue Mission
Our 2013 donation provided 1,200 turkeys to needy families during the holiday season and bikes for children living at the Rescue Mission.


American Red Cross
Our emergency donations assisted with disaster relief following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and the tornados that devastated the Midwest in November.


Children’s Hospital Central California and Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland
We support Children’s Hospital to provide the finest medical care and conduct life-saving research to help millions of kids overcome diseases and injuries regardless of their ability to pay.


Fresno Community Food Bank
Our donation helped the Community Food Bank distribute nourishing food for people in need.



If you are involved in a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that you feel may fit our mission, we would be happy to consider them for a charitable contribution. Simply email me and include your organization’s name, email address and phone number to request an application.

Jan 9




It’s a new year! There is always something exciting about having a fresh start. Typically resolutions usually involve getting in shape, either physically or financially. Although I can’t really help with your health and wellness goals, I can helps with your savings goal. Here are four tips to help achieve your goals.


Set a Target
Instead of resolving to “save money in 2014,” quantify it with a concrete objective. For example, “save $250 a month in 2014.” Setting a target helps you establish an expectation, work towards your goal and, most importantly, know when you’ve achieved it.


Choose One Major Objective
One major objective for the year increases your ability to focus. Make your goal easy to articulate in a short sentence. If your New Year’s resolution is to save money, lose weight and get a promotion, your end goal gets a little lost in the clutter. Focus on one resolution at a time. After you’ve built the habit of saving money each month, you can build on your success next year and add a new goal.


Automate your money management when you can. Use direct deposit, automated transfers, bill pay and more – you can set it and forget it. You may be more successful when your extra money is out of sight. Open a second savings account in BranchLine using the “Open Account” tab. Then, automatically transfer money each month to your vacation fund, a holiday stash – even a child’s account!


Be Realistic
Ultimately, resolutions fail because people give up. If you fall short of your intended target one month, that’s okay. Keep your motivation to try again next month or reevaluate and adjust your goal to make it attainable. Continue to strive for your goal throughout the year. Routines become habit.


Sticking to a New Year’s resolution isn’t always easy – but it can be rewarding! Good luck for a successful 2014.


Happy New Year!

by Kristin, Vice President, Marketing

Dec 23


Pacific Service Credit Union has been notified of a card compromise related to Target Stores that may affect your Pacific Service CU credit, debit and ATM card. The compromise took place at all U.S. Target stores between November 27 and December 15, 2013.


We are working with Visa to determine the number of cards which were impacted by this unauthorized access. If we determine that any card is at risk, you will be notified and your card will be blocked and replaced. However, the card will be available for use until the new card is received.


In the meantime, we encourage you to watch your accounts for unauthorized activity. You can check transaction history and set up email alerts in BranchLine. If you notice anything suspicious, please call a member service representative at (888) 858-6878 as soon as possible.


We are taking this situation very seriously and are working diligently to minimize fraud. For more information about the situation, please visit the Target website.

Dec 10



Collecting your coins can add up to big money! You may be surprised that your spare change could make for a nice bonus around the holidays.


If you’re like me, you have coin stashes in piggybanks, bags and containers around your house. Collect the coins yourself or make it a fun project for the kids.


Next stop, Pacific Service CU. Bring your coin collection into one of our five Coinstar coin counting machine locations. Simply pour your change into the Coinstar tray and watch your total add up. Our friendly member service representatives can give you cash or deposit the amount into your account. Or, let the kids use some of the money on holiday gifts for family or friends! It’s easy and free for members.


Stop by our San Francisco, San Ramon, Pleasant Hill, Livermore or Fresno branch to try Coinstar.


Good luck with your coin counting and happy holidays!


by Kristin, Vice President, Marketing

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