Rates effective as of April 18, 2014

Mortgage Loan Rates

Maximum Financed



Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

10-year Fixed Rates


$417,000 3.000% 1.00 3.310%


$417,000 3.250% 0.00 3.348%

No Cost

$417,000 3.875% 0.00 3.875%
15-year Fixed Rates
Conforming $417,000 3.375% 1.00 3.590%
Conforming $417,000 3.625% 0.00 3.693%

No Cost

$417,000 4.000% 0.00 4.000%
Conforming Plus $625,500 3.500% 1.00 3.711%
Conforming Plus $625,500 3.750% 0.00 3.813%
Conforming Plus
No Cost
$625,500 4.625% 0.00 4.625%
30-year Fixed Rates
Conforming $417,000 4.250% 1.00 4.375%
Conforming $417,000 4.500% 0.00 4.540%
No Cost
$417,000 4.750% 0.00 4.750%
Conforming Plus $625,500 4.375% 1.00 4.498%
Conforming Plus $625,500 4.500% 0.00 4.537%
Conforming Plus
No Cost
$625,500 4.875% 0.00 4.875%
30-year 5/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)
Conforming $417,000 3.000% 1.00 2.915%
$417,000 3.375% 0.00 2.836%

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Index Source = 1 year Libor
Margin = 2.25%
Index Rate = 0.547%
Fully Indexed Rate = 0.547 + 2.25 = 2.80% 
Annual Cap = 2.000
Life Cap = 6.000% over initial rate

Rates, points and programs cannot be guaranteed and are subject to change without notice.  Quoted rates are based on a loan amount of $250,000, rate and term only.  Rate adjustments may apply for cash out, loans under $250,000, rental/vacation/second home properties or LTV over 75% of appraised value.  Actual rate will be determined after receipt of application and prior to execution of final loan documents.  There are no pre-payment penalties on these quotes. Contact the real estate department for quotes at (888) 858-6878.

20- and 25-year loans are also available.  Please call for rate quotes.  ARM rates for 7/1 and 10/1 quotes available.

No Cost Loans: No Cost Loans are for refinances only.  Minimum loan amount $175,000. Closing costs to be paid by PSCU.  Application fee may be requested after a loan application is submitted (to be refunded or credited at loan closing).  Borrower is responsible for paying all payoff demand statement, reconveyance or other fees or charges imposed by existing lenders or home owner association company as well as any pre-payment penalty imposed by that lender or Pacific Service CU.  The borrower is responsible for prepaid interest, property taxes, insurance premiums (if due) and impound reserve set up.  Annual Percentage Rates (APR) are calculated using a loan amount of $417,000 for conforming loans.  Actual APR may vary and will be disclosed at time of application.  Representative example: Pay $5.07 per month per $1,000 borrowed at 4.500% for 30 years.  Taxes and insurance are not included in this calculation.

Pacific Service CU is an equal housing lender.


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