Information as of August 24, 2020

As the situation with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) global pandemic continues to evolve, we remain steadfast in our commitment to take care of our employees, members and our community.  We are heeding all guidance from federal, state and local officials.  We are well prepared and have tested our business continuity strategies to minimize any service disruption to our members.  However, we ask for your patience as there may be delays that exceed our normal service expectations.

Visit our Resource section below to request loan assistance or for information about protecting your finances during this time.

Loan Assistance Program
Steps We’ve Taken to Slow the Spread
  • We’re monitoring information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and federal, state and local agencies to help ensure the actions we’re taking are in line with the latest recommendations and guidance.
  • We’ve cancelled all business travel.
  • We are practicing social distancing protocols.
  • We’ve eliminated all non-essential face-to-face meetings.
  • We’ve enhanced our cleaning protocols and have hand sanitizer in both employee and member-facing areas.
  • We’ve posted signs at all entrances asking anyone who is ill or been around anyone with illness to refrain from entering.
  • We are working very quickly to serve our members both through remote and credit union locations.
    • For those working remotely, we have advanced technology which allows us to continue to operate securely as if we were in the same location. 

How We’re Assisting Our Members

We understand that our members may be heavily impacted by the shelter in place order and we have put several plans in place to lessen the impact of the situation. 

Loan Assistance

  • Loan modifications – for members with existing loans that are experiencing a hardship and need assistance with payments, we can modify terms and defer payments.
  • Skip-a-pay – for members that are experiencing a hardship and need assistance with payments, we’re waiving the skip-a-pay fee on all eligible loans. The skip-a-pay service is available in online banking.
  • Special assistance loans – for members that are experiencing a hardship, we may be able to help bridge the gap with a limited-time personal loan.
  • Credit limit increase – for members with existing home equity lines of credit or Visa cards, you can request a credit limit increase which provides additional ways to access cash and make purchases.
General Assistance

  • Increased ATM withdrawal limits – if you need access to extra cash, we can temporarily increase the daily limit for ATM withdrawals.
  • Increased mobile deposit limits – we’re being flexible with daily limits for mobile deposits; you may call to request a higher limit to reduce your need to visit a branch.
  • Loan payment fee waiver – when making a loan payment by phone, we may be able to waive the processing fee. Please call for details.
  • Certificate penalty waiver – if there is a penalty to liquidate a certificate or an IRA certificate, we may be able to waive the penalty fee. Please call for details.
  • Share and certificate loans – borrow from your savings and certificate accounts at very low rates. Funds remain on deposit and continue to earn dividends.
  • Convert reward points into cash - if you have a surplus of Visa Platinum Reward points, you can convert them into cash

Overdrawn Accounts
Normally, if accounts are overdrawn, any deposits are automatically applied to cover negative balances. However, we are committed to ensuring you have full access to your CARES Act stimulus funds. Please call a member service representative at (888) 858-6878 for assistance or access to your stimulus funds.

For information on any of the above services, please call a member service representative at (888) 858-6878.

Account Access

Our online and mobile banking tools give you the flexibility to access your accounts remotely.  If you haven’t already done so, please login to online banking or download our mobile app.  These tools allow you to:

  • View balances and monitor account activity
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Transfer money to and from other financial institutions
  • Transfer money to other people with person-to-person payments
  • Make loan and credit card payments
  • Pay bills
  • Request a withdrawal by check
  • Apply for a loan, open accounts and view/print statements

With the mobile app, you can also deposit a check with just a few clicks.  Remember, you can also get cash at more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs.  You can find an ATM near you with the ATM locator on our website or mobile app.

Branch Status

  • Branches are operating at normal business hours. Visit our Branch & ATM locator(Opens in a new Window) page to find a location near you. 
  • We are also using social distancing strategies and may limit the number of people in the branch at any given time.
  • We have enhanced cleaning protocols and have hand sanitizer in both employee and member-facing areas.
  • We’ve posted signs at all entrances asking anyone who is ill or been around anyone with illness to refrain from entering.
  • Some shared branch locations may be closed or have alternate hours which are out of our control.

How We’re Assisting the Community

We’ve had a long history of community giving and supporting local non-profit organizations.  The crisis has increased demand for assistance.  We are proud to be able to help.  We are offering assistance to the following organizations so that they may continue to assist our local communities:

If you are involved in a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and are in need of emergency assistance, please email your request for an application and our funding guidelines.


Below are additional resources to assist in protecting your finances during this time. We encourage you to check back as we continue to update this information. 
Loan Assistance Request
If you are experiencing a hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic and would like to request assistance with loan payments, please complete and submit the form below.
Stimulus Check Information
The U.S. Department of the Treasury and IRS launched the Get My Payment web application. This free app was designed to allow taxpayers, who filed their tax return in 2018 or 2019 but did not provide their banking information on either return, to submit direct deposit information. Once the information is submitted, qualified consumers will receive stimulus payments directly into the designated bank account, instead of waiting for a check to arrive in the mail. This app also allows taxpayers to track the status of their payment.

The app can be used on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone and does not have to be downloaded from an app store. The tool will display the status of the payment and when it will be received. Status updates are made daily. Additional information is available on the IRS website: Economic Impact Payment Information Center.

Beware of Scams

Fraudsters are trying to take advantage of consumers with a variety of different scams. We remind everyone to stay diligent and not to provide personal data to unknown or suspicious companies.  Learn more in our blog.

As a reminder, we will never contact you via phone, email or text message asking you to provide passwords, login names, social security numbers, or other personal information. Do not respond to any request to update your account or personal information. Please notify us immediately if you receive such a request.

If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud or your account has been compromised, immediately call a member service representative at (855) 940-1545. We can cancel compromised cards, change your account number or add a password to your account for future transactions.

Credit Information
Here's a series of articles posted by Experian about how protect your credit and your identity during these unprecedented times:

Information on this page will be updated regularly.