First-Time Auto Borrower Program

We have a program especially for first-time borrowers and college graduates. It’s designed for members with little or no established credit. With our first-time borrower loan and on-time payments, you’ll be on the road to establishing a strong credit history for the future.

Our first-time borrower program features:

Rate discounts are available for the following conditions:

Loan amount

Deduct 1.00% APR if amount financed is 70% or less of the retail value
Deduct 0.75% APR if amount financed is between 71 – 80% of the retail value
Deduct 0.50% APR if amount financed is between 81 – 90% of the retail value


Deduct 0.75% APR for terms of 36 months or less
Deduct 0.50% APR for terms between 37 - 48 months

Employment history or college degree

Deduct 0.50% APR for 3 years of employment with the same employer
Deduct 0.50% APR for recent degree from a 4-year college or university


Deduct 0.25% APR if you have or open a Relationship Checking Account with us
Rates can be reduced with a qualified co-signer

Apply online or by phone at (888) 858-6878 for an instant loan decision. Please note in the application that you are a First-Time Auto Borrower. Please call for complete details and restrictions.

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