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Take charge of your finances!

Financial fitness begins with a simple step.  Our free, interactive courses will provide valuable tips and insights into managing your money, borrowing and saving, protecting your finances and planning for the future.  Each course contains several modules ranging from credit cards to retirement planning to identity protection.  Each module takes only a few minutes to complete.  Check back often for new learning opportunities.  Get started on the path to financial fitness today!

Managing your Money Borrowing and Saving made Easy

managing your money

Take control of your finances and learn to manage your money with modules including:
• Budgeting tools
• Credit cards
• Checking accounts
• Mobile payments
• Overdraft
• Prepaid cards
• Payday loans
• Benefits of a credit union

    Get started to manage your money

Manage your savings

We’ll show you several savings tips and review how to effectively manage debt with modules including:
• Auto loans
• Credit cards
• Mortgages
• Savings
• Building emergency savings
• Benefits of a credit union

     Get started managing your savings

Protecting your Finances Planning for the Future

Manage your credit and finances

Keeping a sharp eye on your credit and finances has never been easier with these helpful modules including:
• Credit scores & reports
• Identity protection
• Estate planning
• Taxes
• Insurance
• Benefits of a credit union


    Get started watching your credit and finances

Plan for the future

Financial fitness can be a reality if you have the right tools.  We’ll get you started on the right foot with modules including:
• Considering home ownership
• Financing higher education
• 529 plans
• Retirement 101
• Investments
• Getting started with options
• When to collect social security
• Benefits of a credit union

    Get started planning for the future


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