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Fee Schedule

This Fee Schedule is for all accounts and sets forth conditions, fees, and charges applicable to your accounts with us.

Checking Account Fees
Relationship Checking $10 per month if direct deposit is not maintained OR $25,000 average monthly aggregate deposit and loan balance is not maintained
Plu$ Checking $10 per month if average monthly balance falls below $7,500
Nonsufficient funds fee (NSF) $0 per item
Courtesy pay fee $25 per item; if the balance is negative $30.01 or more
Check copies - rush order 2 free per month + FedEx costs, then $2 per copy + FedEx costs
Check orders Varies depending on style
Foreign ATM/debit card transaction*

*Includes point of sale, online and ATM transactions - including online or in person purchases made within the U.S. but where the merchant processes the transaction outside the U.S.
Percentage of transaction amount:
0.8% (no currency conversion);
1% (currency conversion required)
Fees Applicable to All Accounts
Foreign check deposit $1 to $25 per item
Stop payments $20 per stop
Notary - member with non-PSCU document $15 per signature
Signature guarantee $10 each
Bad address (returned mail) $5 per occurrence
Verification of deposit $10 each
Account research or check reconciliation $20 per hour, 1 hour minimum
Express mail/rush/overnight request $15 each or actual costs, if higher (e.g. Saturday delivery)
Copy of third-party cashier's checks $2 per copy
Copy of credit / debit card receipt $10 each
Low balance fee $5 per month on savings accounts of less than $100; fee may be waived if you have another account in good standing
Outgoing wire fee $20 per wire
Incoming wire fee $10 per wire; fee waived with Relationship Checking account
IRA transferred to another institution $25 per transfer
Levies, IRS levies, withholding, judgment or legal order $20 per order or as permitted by law
Subpoenas $20 per order or as permitted by law
Escheatment notification $2 per notice

Consumer Lending Fees
Refinance to reduce loan rate $200 each refinance
Consumer loan late charge 5% of the monthly loan payment amount
Visa late charge Up to $10 each
Skip-a-Loan payment $25 per request
Real Estate Fees
First mortgage processing $450 each
First mortgage underwriting $650 each
Mortgage Funding $100
Deed of reconveyance/recording $188
Subordination $125 per loan
Verification of mortgage $10 each
Demand for payoff $30 per demand
Redraw document fee $50 each
Real estate additional fax $10 each
Refinance to reduce home equity loan/LOC rate
$300 for loans up to $250,000; $500 for loans over $250,000
Refinance fee for home equity loan/line under $25,000 add-on or within two years of opening $200 + actual third party costs
Early closure fee for home equity loan/line within two years of opening $100 + actual third party costs
Home loan market rate reduction 0.50% of the loan balance for the first mortgages, with a minimum of $750, and a maximum of $1,500

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