Online Banking

Transfers Between Institutions

We know that you use different institutions for your varied financial needs. Using BranchLine, you can transfer money between Pacific Service CU and your other financial institutions using electronic transfers. Transfer from your savings, checking or Visa accounts.


  1. Login to BranchLine.
  2. Set up your other financial institutions by selecting Transfer Funds, then Manage External Accounts. Click on Add an account at another financial institution and follow the instructions.
  3. Verify the amount of two small deposits into your other account
  4. Start transferring! It’s that simple.

Use this free service to send or receive one-time or recurring transfers between the credit union and other financial institutions, set up a recurring transfer to your child in college, set up automatic deposits...the possibilities are endless. It’s an easy way to quickly and securely transfer money between your financial institutions – anytime you like!

You must validate that you own and have authorized access to the other account before you can begin making transfers. The two small deposits required to set up your other financial institution may take up to three business days to appear in the account. Outbound transfers may be made from your Pacific Service CU savings or checking account, except certificates or IRAs. Outbound transfers may only be credited to your other institution’s savings or checking accounts. Inbound transfers to Pacific Service CU may be credited to any of your accounts including loans, except certificates or IRAs. Next day transfers must be scheduled before 3 p.m., Monday – Friday. Weekend or holiday transfers will be processed the next business day. Other restrictions may apply. Federally insured by NCUA.

Federally mandated Regulation D limits electronic transfers or checks from a savings or a money market account to a total of six (6) per month.

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